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  • Why IDP?

    We treat each engagement as a true partnership and we take the time to fully understand your unique situation so we can recommend solutions that meet you where you currently are and help you take the next step on your data journey.

  • Our Experience

    IDP works with schools in over 30 countries and we incorporate all the best practices we have seen over the years into the solutions we provide for you.

  • Our Results

    IDP creates solutions that enable you to transform your school.  No matter how data-savvy you currently are, we will provide you with the tools to use data to inform and improve decisions and increase the positive impact of those decisions.

  • Bring Order To Chaos

    IDP helps you tame your data chaos so you can shift from feeling overwhelmed and ‘chasing’ your data, to feeling in control and using data to drive continuous improvement.

  • Orchestrate Your Data

    IDP consolidates all your data in a single place and turns it into a cohesive symphony of information that gives you meaningful insights and allows you to quickly monitor the overall health of your school or district.

  • Fulfill Your True Mission

    IDP helps schools fulfill their mission, teachers fulfill their calling, and students fulfill their potential.